Monday, September 23, 2013



Robin Thicke can suck my enormous cock. 

Seriously.  Fuck you, bro.  Who writes a rapey song and tries to play it off as Women's Lib?  Other than R.Thicke, that is.

If you aren't familiar with the song "Blurred Lines", lucky you.  He croons about how "he tried to domesticate you" although the woman in question is "an animal".  Also, he knows she "wants it".  The whole song his this vibe that sex is no longer a question of black and white/yes or no, it's gray areas, or "blurred lines".  He knows you want it, even if you're currently resisting.

Shit like this song only normalizes rape. It makes "good girls" feel like they have to give it up in order to make boys like them.  It makes boys think that "good girls" really want the D.  It's all around terrible.

Then there's the fucking video.  Fully clothed men with women in various stages of undress.  Being treated like excited pets.  It's not stylish, it's fucking pathetic. 

Robin Thicke's wife has defended the video/song, calling it liberation.  Really? Really?!  I just cannot.  I can't even.  How any woman can watch this shit and not be furious just blows my mind.

In conclusion, Robin Thicke can wrap his lips around my giant, veiny dick, and choke on a load of truth.  Fuck you.  Fuck your wife.  Fuck your whole life.  And fuck your dad for being on a TV show that made that dick squirt Kirk Cameron famous. 
Here's the video. I'm sorry.

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